Welcome to Springs of Life Counseling

What would it be like to peel away the layers of hurt, shame, fear, and guilt and return to the person you were meant to be? Or to find this person for the very first time?  As a licensed psychotherapist, I am committed to helping you uncover the layers that have been obscuring your true self.

     Anxiety and depression can begin to emerge as signals from our bodies when we are not living in alignment with who we truly are. As a result, you may be experiencing difficulties in your relationships at home or at work, feelings of low self-esteem or self-worth, lack of motivation, fatigue, frustration, sleeplessness, and impatience. These are some of the ways our body and mind alert us to this misalignment. Sometimes we create this misalignment through over functioning, codependency or it results from a previous or ongoing trauma.

     I will work with you collaboratively to identify what areas are out of alignment with your true self. As we uncover these areas, you will be able to move in the direction of healthier relationships with less anxiety and depression. As a result, you will reclaim the authentic you that has been eclipsed by the hurts, wounds, and shame that you have experienced in life.

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